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Foraker Company's core values of being knowledgeable, hard working, energetic and creativity maximizes value to our brokerage projects and clients.  Our brokerage professionals proactive and tailored approach, greatly helps to expedite the lease-up phase of every project and keeping the project leased throughout its lifespan.  Through our comprehensive approach, we maintain the ideal balance between the property owner’s goals and the occupant’s needs.





Development & Repositioning


Foraker Company's attention to detail and creative thinking achieve maximum value and cost effectiveness.  We have the vision to see opportunity in underutilized assets, the ability and expertise to develop a comprehensive development plan and the capabilities to execute the plan from concept to completion.  We take pride in breathing new life into a property by transforming a non-performing liability into a valuable contributing asset.  With our extensive repositioning expertise, Foraker Company can thoroughly change the exterior and interior of any building to realize greater potential for property owners.  Beyond renovation, this value enhancement unlocks new potential in any property, and generates future returns on the owner’s investment.




Property Management


Foraker Company's approach to property management is all about enhancing the value of the asset while exceeding the occupant’s expectations.  This is accomplished by developing a comprehensive long-term management plan and executing on it daily in a disciplined proactive manner.  We place the highest importance on developing and nurturing tenant relationships.  




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 Investment Services


Foraker Company uses its market knowledge and comprehensive approach to develop a smart, informed, diligent investment strategy that is tailored to meet each individual clients needs.  On the acquisition side, we handle all phases of the investment transaction including, identification and comparison of multiple properties, negotiating the purchase and sale agreement,  coordinating physical and financial due diligence, researching occupant demand, evaluating the longevity of the asset and coordinating a successful closing.  On the disposition side, we assist the owner in positioning the property in a way to fully enhance its value, we prepare and assemble all of the due diligence information, we complete a market analysis, inform the owner on any changes in the market and diligently target prospective local and national buyers.